Docton Service is the owner of and the Docton mobile application . The terms 'You' or 'Your' refer to you as the user of the Website or of the services offered by the Website.

Docton Service is committed to your privacy. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") applies to the collection, use, storage, processing, disclosure and transfer of Your Information when you use the Website and/or the Services


Personal Information

Guest Access. No personal information / registration details are required to access the application and search for information

  • Account-Related Activity. Certain other activities on the application like uploading / updating information, booking appointments etc.require the User to have a Registered User Account. The User is required to provide some personal information when the User creates an account, which personal information includes the User's email address and / or mobile number which is used to protect the User's account from unauthorized access.
  • Usage Information. The Application Owner may record information about the User's usage, such as when the User used the Application, the favourites the User subscribed to, the contacts the User communicated with, the information the User has viewed and the frequency and size of data transfers, as well as the information the User displayed on the Application (including UI elements, settings, and other information). If the User is logged in, the Application Owner may associate that information with the User's account.
  • Content Uploaded to Application. Any personal information or information that the User voluntarily discloses online becomes publicly available and can be collected and used by others.


Information that is Publicly Available

  • When the User creates an account on the Application, some information about the User's account and the User's account activity will be provided to other Users of the Application. This may include the date the User opened the User's account, the date the User last logged into the User's account, the User's age (if the User choose to make it public), the country and the information relating to service screens that the User has visited.
  • The User's account name is displayed to other Users when the User engages in certain activities on the Application, such as when the User uploads information, requests for services or sends messages through the Application. Other Users can contact the User through messages and comments.
  • The User may also choose to add personal information that will be visible to other Users.
  • Any information that the User submits to the Application can be redistributed through the internet and other media by the Application Owner, without obtaining any consent from the User, and may be viewed by the general public.


The User's Choices

  • The User may, of course, decline to submit personally identifiable information through the Application, in which case the Application may not be able to provide certain services to the User. Some advanced features may, for authentication purposes, require the User to sign up for other services. The privacy notices of those services govern the use of the User's personal information associated with them.
  • The User may update or correct the User's personal profile information at any time.